ERP for Food Industry

No business, like Food business

The food industry is known for its complexity and diversity, characterized by a multitude of regulations and compliance requirements. This complexity poses significant challenges when it comes to maintaining comprehensive records and ensuring strict adherence to processes and procedures.

Furthermore, the wide range of product variants available in the food sector adds an extra layer of complexity to the planning process. When combined with the seasonal nature of many food products, managing materials and inventory can become a daunting task.

It’s worth noting that each food manufacturer, whether they specialize in Dairy, Beverages, Bakery products, Convenience foods, Food supplements, Oil, Vegetables, or packed groceries, may have their unique processes and requirements. However, regardless of their specific niche, there are certain essential features they should seek in an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution:


Must haves for Food ERP

  • A Sales Force Automation system that integrates with supply chain 
  • Should handle complex sales schemes, discounts ,promotions and their  sales returns
  • Ready to address various sales channels 
  • Ability to address complex pricing and discount policy
  • Addressing product divisions, Product group as Independent Profit centres 
  • Batch wise inventory visibility 
  • Address multiple Unit of Measurement
  • Batch control and traceability 
  • Expiry and shelf life tracking
  • Quality control for process industry 
  • Manufacturing Compliance 
  • Recipe  management 
  • Sub-contracting management
  • Records and Document Management 
  • AI based Integrated Planning
  • Provide precise Costing of products and batches 
  • Real time financial information 

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