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The Consumer goods industry has to be nimble to the fast-moving changes in customer preferences and demands. It needs a system that not only meets the current business requirements but easily adapts to the changing requirements.

Below are some of the areas where Proteus Vision helps our clients run their businesses.

Commercial delivery

Product structures

The FMCG Product structure can be very difficult to address and configure. FMCGs function through “Divisions” or SBUs that are independently managed and controlled each having different business rules and processes for sales, inventory, and procurement. Vision is designed to ensure that our FMCG customers have the flexibility to address the needs of each division independently.

Proteus has several clients in foods & beverages, wellness products, and in personal care products.

Sales and Distribution

The ability to define trade schemes and promotions, discount structure, and devise special pricing is an essential requirement for any FMCG distributor. Vision not only meets the industry requirements but provides the ease and simplicity with which organisations can configure changes to meet the frequently changing requirements of the consumer market.

Vision provides several out of the box credit policies and control mechanisms to meet the needs of the consumer product industry.

Vision automates processes between your business partners tminimizese efforts and build accuracy and controls. You can integrate your supply chain by getting them on Vision Cloud ousingse our connectors to connect to their systems.

The logistics module of Vision provides for multiple distribution models, managing multiple warehouses, channelizing through  C&F argent,whole sales distributors, and stockists, Vision can automate and manage the process between your partners.

Vision is equipped with a logistic planning module that helps our customers to optimize the finished goods inventory at their various locations and minimize stock outs and inventory holding costs.


Consumer goods have to deal with multiple final forms of finished goods in multiple packing units manufactured across multiple plants. Vision has a very robust manufacturing and planning tool with strong control and processes that comply with the stringent batch controls required by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA).

With the Vision manufacturing module you can manage multiple recipes and BOM versions, and build processes along with quality parameters that ensure that all required QA procedures and controls are adhered to.


Vision CRM is ideally suited for the FMCG industry addressing their channel distribution and the retailer. Solution areas include:

  1. Sales force automation
  2. Distributor and retail Management
  3. Secondary sales reporting
  4. Online sale staff assessments
  5. AI-based Depth and Display automation
  6. Expense Management
  7. Promotion and sample management

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