AI is Complex We Make it Simple !

The Vision AI engine is a versatile AI platform that provides Vision, the edge over other enterprise systems. The AI engine powers our ERP CRM and other applications, which enhances the productivity of the organization, reduce costs and use the computational capabilities of the Visual AI engine to dramatically improve the bottom line of your business. The Proteus Vision AI engine has the capabilities of creating, developing, and training Machine learning models across various data sources including unstructured data from PDF documents, images, and videos. To make the solution cost-effective for our users we have incorporated several open-source products in our platform including Tensor Flow, Tesseract, and a host of other proven open-source technologies.

Natural Language Processing

The Vision NLP engine empowers the Virtual assistant to understand and answer textual and voice queries. Proteus also provides tailored NLP solutions for bots and query automation that can be integrated with any other application. It is designed to comprehend, communicate and liaise with human inputs and machine recommendations to offer holistic and reliable suggestive courses. Business insights are easily extractable, trends can be identified, data can be structured – the possibilities are endless.

Text, Image and Video interpretations

Machine learning along with complex algorithms interpret a picture or video with accurately and with efficiency fat superior to the human capacity.Intelligent document recognition is not based on a “Placeholder” identification but our Ai engine interprets the document and extract the data irrespective of the format in which it is presented.All this possible and affordable by the use of open-source technologies and our proprietary algorithms.
Interpretation not only include extraction of quantifiable structured data, but sentiment analysis of text, image and videos.

Robotic Process Automation

AI based robotic automation is an integral part of Vision ERP, Vision AI can read documents, emails, Photos, geo location data and convert them into orders and transactions in the ERP system.

Vision AI can integrate with other ERP solutions and software and automate their transactions.