What can Vision AI do?

Artificial intelligence is transforming businesses worldwide, enabling them to do tasks in minutes that took hours earlier. Vision AI enables our ERP, CRM/SFA, and Analytics products with a rich set of AI capabilities to transform the way you do business. 

The AI capability of Vision AI can also be used with 3rd party business applications.

Vision AI
Vision-AI PO

Document to Transaction

Received an order from a customer in PDF format, to input the order it may take hours of manual work to input the into Sales Order Processing System. AI-powered data extraction of Vision can transform that PDF into a structured document with close to 100% accuracy. It has an innovative side-by-side review process with predictive exception highlighting. 

Get answers on your business using natural language

Want to know the sales of a product for last month? Ask AI Powered Vision Assistant in natural language and it will answer with data.

Example of How Vision chat Assistant can be used for searching information
Creating an order in ERP by Vision AI

No more data entry, tell Vision to do it

 Vision can generate transactions from Natural language. 

For example 

“Make a purchase order for Balaji Trading company for V-belt 32 size 20 Pcs @ 130, Bearing of 80x200x15mm 10Pcs @ 1200”

“Apply for a CL for today”

Email to Transaction

Businesses often receive emails with transaction data hidden inside the formal communication. Vision AI can automatically extract key information and make it actionable without the tedious process of reading the entire text and making sense of it.

Vision-AI 2
Dashboard to see sales trends using realtime ERP sales data

Ask AI to generate analytics and dashboards

Some examples of AI-generated data visualization 

Show me the sales trend for the last 6 months 

Can I have a brand-wise break of sales from last month?

Code generation to customize business rules

proteusvision.com can be customized to add new business rules using SQL language. Using AI, SQL can be generated letting business users define business rules without any technical knowledge.

Vision-AI Business Rules
Vision AI Pharma Contact Details

AI Powered OCR to read text from image

Extract data from driver’s license, PAN card, and visiting card with a predefined AI powered OCR template and use the data in the application 

Use AI/ML function in Insight

Insight business intelligence tool can invoke cloud-based and built-in AI/ML functions while performing analytics tasks. It has a built-in feature to train the AI/ML model using your business data. It has many built-in pre-trained AI/ML models for instant use in 100s of use cases such as language translation, sentiment analytics, classifications, forecasting, etc.

AI Automated Summarised Document

Summarize Documents

Vision Document Management
Vision AI can read the data and summarize key highlights instantly without human intervention and present it as actionable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does AI transform business processes?

 AI revolutionizes business operations by leveraging artificial intelligence. It enables tasks that previously took hours to be completed in minutes, offering a rich set of AI capabilities for ERP, CRM/SFA, and Analytics products.

Yes, Vision AI offers AI-powered data extraction for transforming PDF orders into structured documents with nearly 100% accuracy. This process includes an innovative side-by-side review with predictive exception highlighting, significantly reducing the time and effort required for manual input.

Vision AI’s Natural Language Processing capabilities allow users to inquire about business data in plain language. For instance, you can ask the AI-powered Vision Assistant questions like the sales of a specific product for the last month, and it will provide detailed data-driven answers.

Vision AI allows for transaction generation through natural language. Instead of manual data entry, users can instruct Vision to perform specific actions using simple language, making business processes more efficient.

Vision AI excels at automatically extracting key transactional information from emails. By eliminating the need for tedious manual reading, it identifies relevant data within formal communication, making it actionable without the usual time-consuming process.

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