Best ERP System for Engineering Business

Vision ERP modules help you manage your end-to-end engineering business. It supports discrete and process manufacturing and the entire business process from procurement, planning, manufacturing and quality control, plant maintenance to sales and logistics all of which are tightly integrated with finance and inventory.

Typical challenges faced by the engineering industry 


Made-to-orders need to be estimated accurately considering material costs, services and overheads. Vision has an estimation module for engineering to estimate the product costs and arrive at realistic costs for them to quote to the client.

Made to order / Made to stock 

Engineering companies need the flexibility to fulfill orders that are made to order and made to stock. Vision 

Complex BOMs

Engineering products can demand for, very complex multilevel BOM with a choice of alternate BOMs and alternate products within a BOM.

Multiple Process Routes

An engineering company may have the option to manufacture the same products through different processes and achieve the same end results. Vision provides a method to decide which process route is to be used.

Assembly and SFG

The engineering industry needs to manage and control inventory at the various stages of assembly and have a real-time view of the Semifinished goods, to ensure effective and accurate planning and control of inventory 


Vision addresses the complex material and manufacturing planning needs of engineering. The planning module interfaces with the plant maintenance module to ensure that the planned downtimes and breakdowns are considered during the planning process.

Machine Interfaces and automation 

Vision is designed to interface with machines to read manufacturing outcomes and machine parameters and also provide machine instructions via the ERP manufacturing module.

Plant Maintenance

Vision has an integrated plant maintenance module that integrates with the fixed assets module, inventory, and planning tool.

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