Simple Smart Intelligent

Cloud Solution

Built With Best Features

Interactive Dashboards

Stop hunting for information and figures Actionable Dashboards provide management with insightful information that they can act upon from the console. Analyze your data online, and create pivot tables, charts, and graphs without the need to open a spreadsheet.


Get your approvals and acceptances online A scalable and flexible workflow solution that ensures that work is getting done as per define process and defined time.Notifications on the app and email help you to be on top of things to be completed.

Vision App

Vision improves its UX quotient Vision provides a consumer app based experience for it users.
The intutive nature of the application makes it easier to use and easy to adapt.

Social Enterprise​

A social app for your enterpise Create groups, post market intelligence, share ideas, upload documents, presentation. Respond to posts. Communicate like social apps and still be in control of the content.


An Enterprise Search engine on steriods A powerful search engine that can search within transactions, documents and attachments and also ensuring that the users get see only what they are entitled to.

Geo Sense

Vision geo sense understands where you are and with whom and completes the mundane data capture, improving the productivity of the calls and ensuring compliance.

Industry Verticals