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Best ERP for Pharmaceutical industry At low Cost

Proteus has over 20 years of experience addressing the needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Vision ERP addresses Pharma processes for the Manufacturing, Supply chain, Salesforce, and Compliance requirements. 

Our customers range from Start-Up companies to large Multi-national Pharmaceutical companies with operations in multiple geographical regions.

Vision – Pharmaceutical Ready

Vision ERP for   Pharmaceutical industry template is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Industry without the need for Pharma-specific customization.

Vision inherently addresses batch manufacturing and control aspects related to inventory storage, Batch records, Recipe-based manufacturing, Process control, and an integrated QA and QC solution.

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System Compliance for Drug regulatory Authority 

Vision provides a controlled and integrated document management system along with granular audit trails across the system. Vision provides multiple levels of security ( 2 Step verification) and support for digital signatures.

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Pharmaceutical distribution

Vision Pharma’s sales and distribution template has evolved over 20 years and meets all the challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies in India and Eurasia.  The complex business processes regarding product schemes, discounts, product returns, tracking shelf life, expiry products, and credit terms are inherently addressed by Vision. Vision has several in-built processes to address the special pricing needs of your pharmaceutical customers and monitor and control returns related to them. Vision automates processes between your business partners to minimize efforts and build accuracy and controls.

Have a multi-warehouse environment with a Consignee Agent (CA) or Carrying and Forwarding Super stockist or wholesale distributor and stockist? Vision has an out-of-the-box solution for it.

Vision Pharmaceutical CRM

With more than 35,000 users on Vision CRM, it is the most versatile Sales force automation and CRM solution for the pharmaceutical industry. With organizations having 20 sales persons to a few thousand, Vision CRM provides them with a ready-to-use solution.

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What is ERP in Pharmaceutical industry ?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the pharmaceutical sector involves extensive software solutions dedicated to simplifying and improving various business processes. These solutions consist of different modules that manage tasks such as manufacturing, inventory tracking, compliance with regulations, and customer relations.

ERP systems offer numerous benefits to the pharmaceutical sector, enhancing operational efficiency through process integration, real-time data visibility, and fostering collaboration across various departments. This results in improved decision-making, resource utilization, and overall productivity.

Indeed, ERP solutions demonstrate scalability and the capacity for personalization to cater to the distinctive needs of small to mid-sized pharmaceutical companies. This adaptability positions these businesses to elevate efficiency, curtail expenses, and foster a more competitive edge within the industry.


Definitely! ERP promotes teamwork by connecting different players in the supply chain, like suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors. This results in better teamwork, shorter waiting times, and an overall improvement in how smoothly everything moves in the supply chain.

Discrete vs. process manufacturing

Discrete vs. Process Manufacturing ERP: Customized for Different Needs

Discrete vs. Process Manufacturing ERP: Customized for Different Needs Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are crucial for managing all aspects of a manufacturing operation. However, the most suitable ERP system for an aircraft manufacturing company differs from that of a chemical production company. That’s because discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing

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AI driven solutions

AI-driven solutions poised to revolutionize compliance and data integrity practices

AI-driven solutions poised to revolutionize compliance and data integrity practices: Expert Proteus Technologies introduces AI solutions transforming pharmaceutical compliance. Nilay Sharma introduces us with streamlined processes, risk mitigation, and regulatory adherence. Integrating AI with ERP marks a milestone for industry efficiency. This integration with ERP systems ensures comprehensive data storage

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Data integrity pharma

Data Integrity challenge in Pharma

Combating the Data Integrity Challenge in Pharma: How ERPs Offer a Solution Data integrity, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of data throughout the manufacturing process, is a critical concern in the pharmaceutical industry. Regulatory bodies like the FDA have increasingly cited data integrity issues as the top non-compliance observation, highlighting

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dispensing in pharma manufacturing

How Vision ERP streamlines Dispensing in Pharma Manufacturing

How Vision ERP streamlines Dispensing in Pharma Manufacturing Dispensing accuracy is very critical in pharmaceutical manufacturing. A single misstep can have devastating consequences. Pharmaceutical manufacturers have a unique challenge where they not only have to pick the right product but also the right lot/ batch and record the same. What is

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Best ERP for Food Industry Management Business At low Cost

The Consumer goods industry has to be nimble to the fast-moving changes in customer preferences and demands. It needs a system that not only meets the current business requirements but easily adapts to the changing requirements.

Below are some of the areas where Proteus Vision helps our clients run their businesses.

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