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Order to Cash Process

Vision provides a very comprehensive solution to manage your Order-to-cash process.
Vision can address a simple single-point sale to a complex sales channel with the same ease. Vision handles the Sales process of several industry verticals by providing out-of-the-box solutions to Pharmaceutical, Food, Consumer goods, engineering, and goods products.
Vision is equipped to address the needs of your partners in your channel.

Sales Quotation

Sales quotations provided to customers are manually created in the system. If the customer confirms the quotation or part of the quotation, the same could be referenced to a sales order in Vision.

Sales order Management

A sales order is the source transaction to complete a sales transaction. Sales Order Management ensures order accuracy as it captures, maintains, and shares product and distribution information across your enterprise. It meets the order processing
requirements from rapid, repetitive order entry to complex, detailed orders with multiple shipping schedules.
Vision facilitates “Bill to Ship to” wherein goods can be dispatched to Customer A and Billed to Customer B with GST compliance addressed “out of the box”
The system automatically splits the orders into divisions or predefined objects, based on the items ordered, eliminating manual segregation. This feature enables the organization to monitor sales performances and facilitate the autonomy, of these divisions.


Vision provides an option to maintain multiple Price lists which can be associated with a customer or business location. This provides the flexibility to have differential pricing to customers and areas of operation.
Prices can be configured as a List Price or Batch Price. Batch pricing ensures that the same products are sold at a different rate based on the manufacturing batch Price lists can be created to be valid for a specific period to meet the business requirements. Vision maintains a history of prices that were created. It has provisions to build a price list, which is inclusive of taxes, reverse calculate the rates, and apply the taxes on invoicing.


Promotion management is integrated with order entry so that valid promotions retrieve sales prices or discounts about the campaign into the order line automatically.

Vision has a versatile schemes definition module that can be applied to Products, Customers, and areas of Business, and is Valid only for a specific period.

Vision supports wide combinations of sales schemes like

Buy A quantity X:: Get Y quantity of A free
Buy A quantity of X:: Get Y quantity of B free
Buy A quantity X:: Get Y of A and Z of B at a discounted rate
Vision supports “Basket” schemes where the user can decide on a free item based on a predefined basket
Rules of Eligibility and applicability of the schemes can be set as per the  organization’s requirements
Discounts can be configured so that they can be applied to specific
Area of business Time Validity

Credit Control

A hierarchical credit policy can be specified at an item, divisional, organizational, and customer level. The credit check is carried on a hierarchy, defined by the amount outstanding, the period of the amount outstanding, maximum value of gross order value.
The system has capabilities to define complex credit policies where divisional credit checks are compared with organizational limits and customer limits concerning geographical regions or sales agents.

The credit check process is invoked at the time of confirmation of the sales order or invoice generation, to ensure compliance with the credit policy.
For new product promotions credit and return policy can be switched to an “Override” mode so that your channel partners can place their routine orders without having restrictions imposed upon them due to non-performance or slow off-take of new products.


The Logistics module manages the transfers and movement of material within the enterprise. Logistics orders are created to facilitate the movement of goods from one location to another. Any taxes, charges, or insurance applicable during such transfers are automatically applied to the transaction. Vision ensures continuous visibility of the inventory.
The module automates issues and receiving transactions based on
a logistics order minimizing errors. It maintains track of any discrepancies in quantity between the originating location and the receiving location.

Forecasting and Budgeting

Vision is equipped with a forecasting tool to build a product-wise forecast based on weighted averages. Users can modify the rolling forecast and build it to a demand, which will be considered for material planning.
Sales Budgets can be created in the system of uploaded through Excel files.

Order processing

Vision “One touch” order processing provides the ease of completing your sales-related transactions from a Sales order with a single click
Vision will

  • Validate credit rules
  • Incorporate promotions and discounts
  • Apply fulfilment conditions
  • Allocate inventory ( FEFO)
  • Create a shipping document
  • Create an Invoice
  • Book accounting transactions
  • GST compliance
Vision also provides a manual method to complete a sales process step-by-step and includes additional processes like the creation of a picking and packing list up to Invoicing and shipping.


Receivable management has provisions to accept receipts towards the invoices. Vision can manage various collection processes of banks including multipoint collection bank accounts with a single point credit account. Vision has a facility to transfer receivables between accounting books providing flexibility to accept payments without sacrificing controls.

Incentives and commissions

From simple percentage-based calculation of commissions to complex rules that consider, Sales returns, Slab-based calculations, product-specific incentives, achievement of targets, interrelated products, and many other permutations can be defined and processed in Vision.

Customer Portal

Vision Customer Portal provides an interface to you customers where they can


Place Orders

Track Orders

View transaction history

View the ledger balances

GST compliance

All transactions that need to be reported and accounted for GST are automatically populated in Vision, it provides a simple and easy interface through our GST portal to directly upload to GST servers or download the upload “ready” returns.