Vision - SFA

Get a lot Done: Learn while you work, place an order, Track Samples, Conduct Doctors, Group Meetings, Claim expenses, Manage DND Compliance, and Secondary Sales Data.

Simple Smart Intelligent : A simple and intuitive interface that gets your DCR Completed within seconds.

E - Detailing : Make your communication more effective. Customize your communication to your doctors. Record responses and track the effectiveness of your brand communication

Vision Sales force automation

ERP Software Built for Pharma & FMCG

Meeting Information

Capture your meeting information with various categories of customers such as Doctors, Retailers, Distributors, Stockist and Influences

Pitch Priority

Define a “Standard Product Pitch” sequence and further apture the actual pitch order with the customer

Targeted Survey

Design targeted “Survey Templates” to capture specific customer, competition and market information.

Depth & Display Capture

Manage your DnD compliance guided by an AI based image recogination

Sample Issue

Capture samples issues to customers and seek acknowledgment. Have a visbility of your sample stock inventory accross the sales team.

Order & Stock Taking

Take orders from distributors,  retailers and record stock


Customer feedbacks are classified objectively like Compliments, Requests, Compliants. Providing meaningful data for analytics

Auto detect JFW

Vision SFA automatically detects Joint Field Work with the manager using Vision “Geo Sense”.

Event Management

Vision Events efficiently automates the entire event planning process, using a self-guiding wizard, the pro user can create, define validity, enrol participants & further capture event feedback.

Expense Management

Simple, Fast and Accurate. Expenses get logged based on set Rules, and pre-defined distance charts, reducing manager involvement in scrutiny & approval. Managers use ‘Smart Review’ to correct specific claims.

Secondary Sales

Intuitively allows users to capture Stock & Sales Statement, which is logged period wise & customer wise, data captured can further be slice-diced using custom analytics.

E - Detailing

Effective Communication

Not just a transfer of paper detailing to an iPad or a tablet. But an intelligent method to have an effective communication with a central management of detailing requirements.

Works offline

Dont let connectivity hamper your salescalls. Vision e-detailing synchronous  updates ensure that you are update with the latest communication and are able to perform all the actitivites offline.

Geo Sense

Vision geo sense understands where you are and with whom and completes the mundane data capture, improving the productivity of the calls and ensuring compliance.

Brand Analysis

Brand managers can now track the efficacy of the communication. What was seen by the customer, time spent on each element of the communication and the feedback .

Personalise Detailing

Create a communication sequence or alter your media segments to reach a specific objective for specific customers by simple drag and drop steps.

Record Response

Record the customers response while detailing without breaking the flow of your communication. Use “hot spots”  on the tablet to record feedback without letting the customer know.

Free Hand Annotation

Make freehand annotations to highlight important aspects of your communcation.