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Best ERP Software for Electronics Manufacturing Industry

Electronics and electronics-related manufacturers’ requirements are typical and challenging. From serial number tracking at multiple levels within finished goods and sub-assemblies to traceability, warranty and process compliance requirements, and other concerns, automating the typical electronics manufacturing operation presents challenges that Vision can address out of the box.

Make-to-order and Make-to-stock

With Vision, ERP Electronics Manufacturers can manufacture an item to stock for later sale from inventory, or manufacture it for specific customer orders bypassing the route through inventory altogether. Make-to-stock items can be based on demand from sales orders, sales forecasts, or the greater of the two. Make-to-order items entered on sales orders create the work orders used to manufacture the items.

Product cost estimation

Vision provides a cost estimation tool that helps you estimate the costs of a new product based on the BOM, manufacturing process, and overheads. Extremely useful when product teams have to provide quotes for Made-to-order business

Extended Inventory Attributes

Electronics manufacturers are sometimes required to capture and catalog attributes about the items they purchase and manufacture that relate to engineering information, external regulatory compliance, and additional specifications. Vision provides several attributes to classify and manage inventories.

Lot & Serial Number

Vision provides both lot and serial number inventory maintenance and traceability, providing the visibility needed for the electronics industry. Numbers are tracked from the inventory receipt, through the production cycle, and dispatches to customers. Vision tracks all component serial numbers that went into the finished goods.

Recall management

Ability to recall hold and manage finished goods across all the inventory points that were impacted on account of a faulty lot of an input component. Essential in areas where electronics are used for critical areas where product failures can be catastrophic.

Multi Level Bill of Materials

The manufacture of electronic products necessitatesfor the need of multi-level BOMs (nested BOMs). Vision has the flexibility to further incorporate “alternate” BOMs to the nested BOMs

Warranty Tracking

Track and manage your warranties for manufactured or purchased items.

Advanced Material Planning

Vision material planning engine ensures that your material levels are always optimized. It ensures that the resources are always available to support a production plan that satisfies the sales forecast.

Integration to customers and Vendors

Vision open API and EDI components allow integration with your customers and vendors to seamlessly integrate order and product details. Serial numbers from vendors get automatically updated through an EDI or API exchange

Document Management

Vision allows you unlimited flexibility in storing all relevant files related to items, customers, vendors, orders, or any other data defined within Vision transactions Examples include pictures, schematics, or compliance certificates of your inventory items and bill of materials, store a PDF of the customer PO with the sales order.


With huge quantities and units to be managed in electronics manufacturing, Vision supports barcodes and QR codes at the Unit level and Pack/ Case level. It facilitates scanning of the outer pack which in turn ensures all the serial numbers inside the pack have been addressed. Thus minimizing the time taken and the errors.


Vision supports kitting and assembly processes for manufacturing and distribution. Kitting can be performed through a picking process or as a manufacturing process.

Quality Management

Quality Management is an underlying process from the time the material is “inward” to the organisation issue to the shop floor and the manufacturing process .Defining the quality metrics for what needs to be monitored from a product quality perspective and then recording and validating the results is simple and intuitively flows as a natural consequence of day-to-day activities.

Subcontract manufacturing

Vision supports the ability to subcontract certain areas of your manufacturing manage and controls the process and have a view of your inventory across your subcontractors.

Plant Maintenance

Vision PM module maximizes productivity while minimizing down time is critical for Electronics manufacturers. With the Vision, you can easily plan, schedule, and prioritize the maintenance required to keep your equipment running at peak capacity. Vision also keeps a track of maintenance costs that are associated with each asset.

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Frequently asked question:

What is ERP in the electronics industry?

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, plays a crucial role in the electronics industry by integrating and optimizing various business processes. Specifically tailored for electronics manufacturing, ERP systems enhance efficiency in production, inventory management, and order fulfillment. They provide real-time insights, ensuring accurate demand forecasting and resource utilization, contributing to streamlined operations and improved competitiveness in the dynamic electronics sector.

Vision ERP accommodates electronics manufacturers by offering flexibility in manufacturing processes. Whether producing items for immediate sale from inventory (Make-to-stock) or creating products based on specific customer orders (Make-to-order), Vision streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and ensures accurate order fulfillment.

Vision ERP provides a valuable cost estimation tool, aiding electronics manufacturers in estimating product costs for Made-to-order scenarios. Leveraging Bill of Materials (BOM), manufacturing processes, and overheads, this tool is instrumental when product teams need to generate accurate quotes for custom orders.

Vision ERP provides comprehensive Lot & Serial Number tracking for electronics inventory. From receipt to production and dispatch, Vision traces all serial numbers associated with components and finished goods. This visibility is crucial for maintaining quality standards and complying with industry regulations.

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