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Best ERP for Logistics and warehousing

Vision ERP modules help you manage your end-to-end Logistics and warehousing system. It supports seamless integration, Reduced paperwork, reliable and accurate cycle counting, and inventory visibility. It is a cloud-based ERP Software. 


Faster turn around times

Helps reduce turn times by running “wave” plans which optimize inventory movement, and warehouse resources and improve the accuracy of inventory records.

Seamless Integration with transactions

Vision provides a seamless integration with the ERP system increasing accuracy and streamlining processes from order to shipment, accurately determining product availability and realistic delivery dates, and improving shipping accuracy.

Reduced Paperwork

Significantly reduces and in some cases eliminates the paperwork traditionally associated with warehouse operations (e.g. receiving reports, picking tickets, packing lists), as well as ensures timely and accurate flow of inventory and information.

Reliable and accurate cycle counting

Use of inventory parameters like frequency of movement ( ABC), nature of products, and locations to systematically schedule instructions for cycle counts and provide an accurate status of the inventory in the warehouse

Inventory Visibility

Vision supports multiple warehouse facilities and provides visibility of your inventory across your facilities. Locate your products precisely in each of your warehouses. With additional access to real-time data for shipments, orders, and more, the customer service team can also more accurately handle problems and questions.

Cloud Based

Start up instantly with no capital investment in servers. Scale up as your business grows, and add more warehouses, more users, and your customers when required.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the role of ERP in logistics, and how does it differ from traditional systems?

ERP for logistics, short for Enterprise Resource Planning, is a specialized system tailored for the logistics industry. Unlike traditional setups, it unifies functions like inventory management, order processing, and shipping into a single platform. This integration streamlines operations, boosts visibility, and facilitates effective decision-making throughout the entire supply chain.

Vision optimizes inventory movement and resource utilization through “wave” plans, reducing turn times significantly. This efficient process enhances accuracy in inventory records, ensuring timely order fulfillment.

Seamless integration with ERP ensures accuracy from order to shipment. It accurately determines product availability, realistic delivery dates, and improves shipping accuracy by providing a unified platform for streamlined processes.

Vision ERP significantly reduces or eliminates paperwork associated with warehouse operations, such as receiving reports and picking tickets. This not only saves time but also ensures the timely and accurate flow of inventory and information throughout the warehouse.

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