Proteus Vision SFA

Automating Doorstep Sales

Proteus Vision SFA is a feature-rich Sales Force Automation software that has a dedicated plugin to optimize your doorstep sales operations. It equips your field sales representatives with an intuitive mobile app, enabling them to execute sales and collections right at the customers’ location with complete billing capabilities.

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The Power of Vision SFA

This enterprise-grade software is secure, reliable, and powered by cloud technology. It’s specially designed to equip your sales team with automated tools for agile performance.

Key Features

Inventory Loading

This feature enables teams to conveniently load the day's inventory at the start of their shifts.

Billing and Collection

With Vision SFA, your team can conduct sales and collections directly at the customer's doorstep.

Inventory Return

Facilitates simple, effortless end-of-day inventory returns.


Offline Functionality

Vision SFA ensures uninterrupted performance, even without internet access.

User-friendly Forms

Simplify product selection and information collection with straightforward forms designed for efficiency and time-saving.

Flexible Rate Master

Customize your item pricing based on user-defined rules.

Control and Flexibility

You can define which aspects the field staff can edit, and what falls under head office control.