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In today’s fast-changing job market, it’s becoming more and more clear that the skills learned in traditional schooling don’t match up with what employers want. Proteus knows that educational institutions are very important in shaping the future workforce, but, the current education system has trouble giving students real skills that they can use right away in the workplace.

Over 80% of Engineers coming out of colleges are unemployable.

The infographics on the right, depicts a very sorry, but a true picture of the state of engineers passing out from our colleges.

India annually produces one million engineering graduates and for every single job 300 of them are competing. 

In a survey conducted, it was observed that organisations are reluctant to recruit trainees, as less than 30% of these freshers are “trainable”. Companies are putting fresher resumes aside and looking for “experienced” candidates.


The current education system has trouble giving students the “real skills” that they can use right away in the workplace. We are expected to see a lot of unemployed engineers and with the lack of right resources organisations wont be able to grow and our country may loose its leadership in IT


Proteus has decided to address this issue and make a small difference.


90 % of Indians Lack skills graph
Vision Academy

Over 20+ years, we have build careers of more 1500+ young minds who worked along with us to develop world class software solutions. We are aware of what the industry needs and have the experience to train them to bridge this gap. This will give them the  opportunity to enter the workforce equipped with the skills that employers are seeking. 

The courses at Vision Academy are designed by members of our staff who are aware of what is typically required by the software industry.
Our inaugural courses are designed for Engineering Graduates, they are totally free and on a first come first serve basis. 

Inaugural Course

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When and where will I get to learn ?

The course will be conducted  online on Saturdays with each session of 1 hr 30 Mins. All confirmed candidates will be provided the schedule of the classes by email. 

Who can apply?

Anyone with an engineering degree with or without experience

How do I apply ?

Please register yourself with the link provided below. Vision Academy team will review your application and on acceptance of your candidature will respond to you on your registered email id. The review typically takes 2-3 working days. Registrations will be kept open till the batch is filled up.


Before registration please keep a digital copy of your Engineering Degree, Mark sheet, Passing certificate, or any other proof that you are an engineering graduate. You would be required to upload the document in PDF, JPEG,PNG  with a max size of 2MB