power of qr code in ERP Software

The Power of QR Code in Inventory Management Systems

Leveraging the Power of QR Code in Inventory Management Systems: An Efficient, Cost-Effective, and Value-Driven Approach In the contemporary technology-geared scenario of business operations, adapting to technological trends is an absolute necessity. Particularly in the context of inventory management, an area that has become key to multiple industrial sectors. The ability to track and maintain inventory with precision and efficiency …

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Efficient Control ERP

Efficient Control on Receivables using an ERP 

Efficient receivables management is crucial for all organisations to ensure a steady cash flow and maintain a healthy financial position. Unlike in the past, it is no more a luxury even for funded unicorns. Uncontrolled or delayed receivables can lead to liquidity issues, increased borrowing costs, and strain on customer relationships. To tackle these challenges, businesses are turning to Enterprise …

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Return On Investment (ROI) on ERP

How would you work out the ROI on an ERP? There cannot be any absolute value based on which you will be able to ascertain the returns directly. However there are many things which lead to this. Each company may have different critical issues which are sorted by implementing an ERP. In general, it is the improvements in the business …

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