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AI Custom Chat GPT

Vision Enterprise Chat GPT 

Why Organizations Need Custom Chat GPT Chat GPT, the wonder of the AI world, has captured imaginations with its ability to generate text, translate languages, and answer questions in an impressively human-like way. But what if you could harness that power specifically for your organization? This is where the concept of a custom Chat GPT, trained on your own data,

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AI Software

Document to Transaction Automation with Vision AI: A Case Study

Document to Transaction Automation with Vision AI: A Case Study Organization A large multinational pharmaceutical company with over 200 SKUs and more than 20 locations, processing orders from over 3000 customers and stockists. Objective To explore a solution that automates the order entry process with minimal human intervention. Challenge Manual order entry for over 200 products (SKUs) across 20 locations.

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Sales Assistant

Vision AI: Your Super-Powered Sales Assistant

Vision AI: Revolutionizing Your Sales Assistant Do you dream of a sales team with years of product knowledge who can answer customer emails in seconds? The reality is, building such a team takes time and resources. But what if there was another way? Introducing Vision AI, your secret weapon to transform your sales game. Vision AI is an AI-powered sales

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AI and IOT

How AI and IOT Integrated with ERP Can Improve Compliance for Pharma Manufacturing

How AI and IoT Integrated with ERP can improve compliance for Pharma Manufacturing The relentless focus of industry on Artificial Intelligence has overshadowed the importance of other technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain. One can rarely see any CEO/CIO saying IoT or blockchain is a focus area for their business. Like AI, IoT can also effectively improve

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article on why future of ERP is in AI

Why the future of erp is in ai

Why the Future of ERP is in AI The article explores how AI is evolving Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and how the recent availability of AI platforms has been instrumental in changing the way ERPs are used and implemented.   Generative AI will eliminate data entry, AI Co-pilots will radically change the way ERP is used with little to

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