Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturer

Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturer

The company is a heavy engineering company, with clients in India and across the world.
The company undertakes project work which takes around 3 months to manufacture and deliver. Manufacturing has to be executed under very strict processes and material compliance and the company has to furnish all records to validate its claim. The industry is governed by several statutory agencies to ensure the products are delivered as per norms.

The leadership team was constantly occupied with addressing day-to-day exigencies and ensuring that documented processes are followed.

The company realized that it needed a very versatile inventory management system that allowed them to manage project-related inventory and allocate them to the project.

Proteus Vision provided them with the necessary control from raising indents to acceptance of material and ensuring that all documentation was adhered to. The purchasing process was implemented to meet the requirements of multiple approved vendors for products but with a unified inventory view for the products.

The vision manufacturing module ensured that the tasks and processes were as pre-approved processes and the outcomes were recorded in the system along with the documentary proof. This substantially reduced the time required for their internal QA and QC to validate the delivery. The company substantially reduced incidences of noncompliance reported by external agencies

Vision also reduced the time spent by senior management on firefighting and daily routine events and gave them more time to grow the organization.