Introduction To Live Documents

We are excited to introduce LiveDocuments, Our latest AI-powered product that is set to revolutionize how external documents can seamlessly integrate with your systems. What sets LiveDocuments apart, is its near-perfect accuracy rate. This means you can trust LiveDocuments to process your data quickly and accurately, with minimal errors and without the need for manual intervention.

live documents

No more data entry

You need not spend hours manually entering data into your ERP. With LiveDocuments, you can upload PDF, Excel, CSV, images, email bodies, and LiveDocuments automatically converts the documents into ERP transactions.


It can be applied to a wide range of documents, including supplier invoices, sales return claims, certificates of analysis, bank statements, credit card statements, expense statements, stock and sales statements, PAN, Aadhar, passport, resumes, and more.

AI Automated Purchase Order

Customer Purchase orders to Sales orders in ERP

Vision AI Automated Purchase Order

Extraction from unstructured email body

Receive customer Purchase orders in any layout and any format like PDF, CSV, images word, excel, etc.
LiveDocuments will read the document and pull out information about the product, quantity, pack size, or anything else that your ERP/SCM solution needs.
With customized AI learning, it can even figure out the SKU/Item code used in your ERP/SCM and create an order in your ERP/ SCM solution 


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