Office or home working

Integrated, Paperless, Workflow – the jargons of an ERP software

This pandemic situation has created multiple offices out of a single office. Each person working from home has set up an office. These multiple offices have slowed down the work and in many cases brought a lot of work to a standstill. What with all your work related stuff being in the real office, whether it is your computer, servers, documents or any other papers.

What may be a good way to work when your workforce is not sitting in the same office? Good software and technology can be of great help. What may count as a good software? For one a system which is integrated and has all the data available online.

Imagine a software where you have all your data and documents too! Documents can be scanned and attached. So it is actually a paperless office. You have all the information available and besides that it can be shared with others too. The ideal software is a cloud based ERP and takes care of all your needs.

You have defined workflows, so approvals are smooth. All the day to day work, information required, documents to be checked, approvals necessary for business to go on smoothly…. All in one! Workflows are a process of approval of transactions based on certain conditions. You can have condition based approval rules defined and then the transaction will go for approval to the respective person, based on the condition defined.

This would make life so much easier, one can work from anywhere. Time to invest in a good cloud based ERP solution which has all that you need to work from anywhere!
Move on WFH, here comes WFA!