Turn your data into Insight less
than 3 minutes !

Edge computing to acess your data anywhere on cloud

Secure, your data stays on your machine and only you can access it anywhere on the cloud

Review your access log, who accessed which data



Designed for business users does not require any technical skills to perform analytics. The hightly intutive user interface can get you started in less than 3 minutes.


Insight can performs at lightning speed and can provide informaion in few seconds from latge to very large data set

Edge Capable

The innovatibe edge computing feature of Proteus Insight lets you connect to your im-premise data and let you analyse them securely anywhere on the cloud

In Memory Computing

Load data into Insight in memory cache and analyse data at lightening speed

Data Lake

Data lake capability to bring data from multiple sources and analyse seamlessly. A single query can be done by joining multiple rdbms and excel files.


Line Graph

Stacked Line Chart

Combo Line Graph

Stack Bar Chart

Dotted Graph

Horizontal Dotted Graph

Horizontal Bar graph

Bar Styling

Line Graph

Graph Line

Bar Graph

Bar Segment Styling

Pie Chart

Pie Chart

Pie Chart


Pie Chart

Polar Gradiant


In Memory Case Studies

A large consumer goods company wanted to leverage 15 years of structured data across multiple business lines to its strategic advantage.