vision erp

ERP Software That Adapts to Your Business- Vision ERP

Some features that makes Vision ERP different:

1.Futuristic - AI driven

Vision is a trendsetter in embedding AI in its core platform. You can now create transactions by using conversation text like “ Create a Purchase order on Acme supplier for 100 Kgs of Calcium Carbonate with delivery after 15 days”
Vision Ai also allows you to upload documents in any format and convert them to transactions like sales orders, purchase orders, expenses, vendor bills, and many more
Vision Ai also can integrate with your email, analyze the content, and create a transaction in the ERP.


2.Vision - A Cloud Native application

Vision was specifically designed from the ground up to take advantage of the elasticity and the cloud infrastructure. Cloud-native applications make the most of modern infrastructure’s dynamic, distributed nature to achieve greater speed, agility, scalability, reliability, and cost efficiency.
Vision is also designed to mitigate any technology risks that are typically associated with on-premise or monolithic applications, Vision architecture employs a microservices architecture, where the application is broken down into small, independent services that can be developed, deployed, and scaled independently. So if 5 years down the line there is a new efficient method available for coding, we can adapt the same easily.

3.API-First Design

Vision is an API-first design, enabling easy integration with other applications and services, as well as facilitating interoperability within complex environments. This helps our customers to expand the system to other partners or link it with the “best of breed” solutions.

4.Scalability as per your needs

You can start with a few desired functionalities in Vision and add your functionality as you grow at your own pace. The unique benefit is that you pay only for the limited functionality that you require.

Vision allows you to grow from 10 users to 10000 users seamlessly without the need to migrate or change any infrastructure.

5.Industry Ready Solutions

Vision has ready industry templates that allow our customers to implement and start using the solution in the minimum time and effort, as we have built all the functionality and processes that are required for the industry. These are available for Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Food, Batch Processing, Engineering, Construction and Textiles. For businesses in Pharmaceuticals, Food, and Batch processing we offer a “Zero Customisation*” Guarantee

6.Built-in Business intelligence

Out-of-Box Out-of-business intelligence tool provides users the freedom to create their own MIS and report and share it with the organization.
A data warehouse solution on any other solution would take months to configure and build, for it to be usable for nontechnical users.
Vision AI is available from the day you start using the ERP – No wait time is required.

7.Configurable Dashboards

Business users can build Dashboards using a simple drag and drop of relevant data. These dashboards can be made available to all users who are required to view the information.

8. Easy to use

As compared to other enterprise solutions that are very complex to use and navigate, we have brought the ease of consumer-facing applications to large an ERP like Vision. The interface and navigation are so simple that little to no training is required.

9.Built-in Document Management

Corporations often face challenges in managing transaction-related documents that need to be referenced later. These documents are usually scattered in individual folders, lacking control over access. Our document management system organizes these documents by associating them with respective processes, making them readily available to authorized users.

With the document AI feature you can upload a document and search within all the documents or queries, Vision AI will get you an answer, without the user having to know which document he has to search for. For example, you may want to query “ Who is responsible for dispensing chemicals on the shop floor” Vision AI will search all the documents and come up with the answer referencing the documents that have mentioned the answer.

10.Best of Class Security and Reliability

Vision is on an infrastructure that has the best in class security comparable to any critical applications like those of banks. We have provided Vision with resilient solutions so that our customers do not face any performance issues or any loss of data in case of an eventuality

11.Self Customizable

The solution can be customized using the Vision Development Platform, which is available to customers and partners for making substantial changes in the system without impacting the core. Some of them include building additional validations, defining workflows, making screen changes, and creating personalized AI intents to get more from the Vision AI platform.