ERP for the construction industry

ERP Software For Construction

Optimize Your Construction Management with Our Tailored ERP Solution

At Proteus Technologies, we understand the unique challenges of the construction industry. Proteus Vision software has a construction specific template which  is specifically designed to simplify your workflow, from the sales process to the final touches of a project. Experience seamless management of every aspect of your business with a system tailored just for construction industry. Here’s how Vision ERP meets your specific needs of your industry.

Sales Process and Booking of Flats

Proteus Vision ERP revolutionizes the way you sell and manage property bookings. Keep track of unit availability, efficiently manage client inquiries, and handle booking transactions, all within a centralized system.

Milestone-Based Payment Schedules

It allows you to set up payment schedules linked to project milestones, ensuring timely revenue as the project progresses. Clients receive automated notifications for upcoming payments, providing clear communication and organized financial management.

Linking Milestones to Construction Schedule and Project Plan

When a milestone is achieved in the projects module, Vision ERP triggers a demand note generation in the sales module. This seamless integration ensures that payment schedules and construction progress go hand in hand.

Brokerage calculation on sales

It provides to define creative and flexible schemes for brokerages and commissions calculations. These can be defined in a “Excel” like formulae, and can include a number of internal parameters including user defined

Interest Calculation for Late Payment

Automatically calculate interest for late payments with built-in formulas, ensuring fairness and adherence to established terms. This feature helps maintain your cash flow and reinforces the timely collection of payments.

Price Calculation Based on Preferences

Customize pricing based on factors like floor elevation, orientation (garden facing, etc.), or additional amenities. Proteus Vision ERP makes it easy to adjust prices and offer detailed quotations, accommodating customer preferences without complicating your process.

Project Estimation & Bill of Quantity Estimation

Accurately estimate projects with our comprehensive project estimation tools. Automatically generate bills of quantity based on the specifics of your construction configuration, ensuring you have all materials accounted for and properly budgeted.

Project Accounting

Our integrated project accounting features offer real-time financial tracking for your construction projects, enabling you to monitor costs, manage budgets, and ensure profitability with ease.


Manage your subcontractor work in progress, inventory and payable  effectively, including contracts, performance, and payments. Proteus Vision handles the complexity of contract terms and conditions such Labour + material , Only Lbaour and 3rd party material delivery for specific project task.

Pre-cast Fabrication Monitoring

Proteus Vision ERP allows you to track the status of pre-cast components. It handles inventory, material planning, scheduling and costing of the components effectively. The planning is synchorisined with construction plan of the project   to ensure they’re ready when needed and keeping your project timeline on target.

Standard Features Across Industries

Needless to say that Proteus Vision being a cross industry solution brings in common business practises from other industries and provides a comprehensive true ERP features. Some of the Key industry features are following.

Dashboard and Reporting

Get a complete overview of your business with customizable dashboards and in-depth reporting tools. Make informed decisions with data-driven insights.

Inventory Management

Know what you have, where it is, and when to reorder. Maintain optimal inventory levels with our streamlined system.

Human Resources

Manage your team with our HR module, including timesheets, attendance, payroll, and employee self-service

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Build and maintain strong relationships with clients. Track interactions, follow up on leads, and convert opportunities into sales.

Mobile Accessibility

Access critical information on-the-go with our mobile-friendly interface. Stay connected to your business, no matter where you are.

Choose Proteus Vision, that knows construction as well as you do. Streamline your workflows, enhance productivity, and boost customer satisfaction with a software solution built for your industry’s success.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the meaning of ERP, and how does it relate to the Construction sector?

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is a system designed for the comprehensive management of various business aspects. In the construction industry, ERP provides an integrated solution to streamline processes like project management, finance, and sales, fostering operational efficiency.

ERP for construction brings operational efficiency by integrating diverse business functions into a unified platform. It facilitates collaboration, reduces errors, and offers real-time insights, enhancing overall productivity and decision-making.

Yes, ERP software customized for the construction industry is equipped to handle specific challenges such as project complexity, resource management, and diverse payment structures. It provides tools for tasks like project estimation, scheduling, and materials management.

ERP for construction includes features like milestone-based payment tracking, project estimation tools, centralized sales and booking management, and customization options for pricing based on project-specific criteria.