dispensing in pharma manufacturing

How Vision ERP streamlines Dispensing in Pharma Manufacturing

Dispensing accuracy is very critical in pharmaceutical manufacturing. A single misstep can have devastating consequences. Pharmaceutical manufacturers have a unique challenge where they not only have to pick the right product but also the right lot/ batch and record the same.

What is Dispensing in Pharma Manufacturing?

Dispensing involves precisely measuring and transferring raw materials like active ingredients, excipients, and solvents for use in production. Traditionally, this was a manual process prone to human error. However, modern ERP systems like Vision can automate and manage dispensing, ensuring accuracy and compliance by integrating the ERP with weight scales and barcode scanners.

How ERP Systems Control Dispensing:

  • Automated Dispensing Instructions: ERP systems generate specific instructions based on product recipes, eliminating manual calculations and reducing the risk of mistakes.
  • Electronic Batch Records: All dispensing activities are electronically recorded, creating a complete audit trail for regulatory compliance and traceability.
  • Real-time Inventory Management: ERP systems provide real-time visibility into inventory levels, preventing stockouts and ensuring accurate material usage.
  • Integration with Weighing Equipment: Advanced systems directly connect with automated weighing equipment, further reducing manual intervention and human error.

Benefits of Using ERP for Dispensing:

  • Foolproof Dispensing: Provides intuitive user-friendly controlled dispensing to assure dispensing accuracy reduce material variability and ensure that human mistakes are minimized.
  • Ensure the right product: Check the correctness of the information, e.g. item number, batch (number, status, and expiry date), sub-batch (number, status)
  • Ensure the correct weight: Handle tear, net weight, and gross weight and receive them directly from scales
  • Single source – The ERP: Since the ERP is the source of the weights required – The scales are operated directly from the WSD (Weigh Scan and Dispense) ERP interface
  • Potency Adjustments: Provides real-time calculations for potency adjustment.

Manage the actual quantity of components to be weighedManage additional quantity/sub-batch of a component to be weighed

  • Container Bar Code generation: Generates barcode labeling for the source and destination containers

Audit Trails: Audit trails that comply with 21 CFR part 11

Vision  WSD module helps reduce operator errors and deviations by electronically supported and guided workflows including plausibility checks and electronically parameterized specifications.

Integration of the module with the ERP ensures that raw materials and ingredients to be issued are based on the BOM or recipes defined and the SOPs like FEFO, min shelf life constraints, purity, and potency.

This integration brings about significant improvements in efficiency, performance, and an enhancement of the right first factor for weighing leading to improvement in product consistency and reduction of wastage. It allows organizations to track any problems, determine root causes, and meet mandated reporting and tracking requirements.