Customer Driven Innovation

Some of the best innovations come from listening or observing, especially how your customers use the product or service. Remote capture in Vision is one such feature driven by customer feedback.

Vision – our cloud ERP for the SME industry has a feature by which users can upload images, documents and other attachments to a transaction or various masters. Vision’s document management module internally organises and manages the documents attached. This was among the top 10 favourite features of 2019. “Your docs are right there when and where you want it .One does not have to look anywhere for any supporting documents” was a customer response to the attachment feature.

Clients were very excited with the search feature that could search a text within a document and list down the documents and the transactions to which they were tagged. There was very little that we could do to make the attachment feature better. Until we met one of our customers.

He pointed out that he has not had any major benefit of the “attachment” feature as he can only attach files that he has in his computer , but cannot create an attachment from a physical document as he does not have access to a scanner and the option to take a photo from his phone, transfer it to his computer and then attach it , is not only time consuming but cumbersome. The attachment feature was “useless” for him.

The feedback was bounced to the product innovation team and they came out with “Remote Scan”- an option that allows users to add an attachment seamlessly using his phone.

The user selects means of attachment as “capture” , immediately a notification is sent to his phone which has the Vision app installed , he clicks on the notification and takes a photo of the document / object which gets uploaded to the said transaction. Simple and easy .. done .

Doc-Transfer from one device to another

We can proudly acknowledge that the seeds of some of our best features and functionality have been planted by our customers . We just germinated their ideas to a full grown solution.