Selecting the Best ERP solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Proteus Vision has specific templates which seamlessly take care of the Indian pharma requirements.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Sales and promotional schemes

Correctly applies promotional schemes and ensures that credit notes on returns are applied with due consideration of the schemes.

“One click” order to Invoice

Stock allocation on FEFO, dispatch and invoicing on just one click.

Credit Checks

Will automatically block invoicing to a customer in case the credit check fails. Credit check could be based on total outstanding amount or overdue amount.

Sales Channels for Pharmaceuticals

This includes a Multi depot setup, C&F, C&A, Super-stockist and Institutional sales through channels and  the automation within the channels.

Supply Chain Structure

Effectively handles the complexity of the supply chain with multiple stockists and stock with the stockist can be viewed in real time.

Inventory Management

Segregation and control of near expiry, expired, damaged and saleable stock.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Bill of Material Control

Ensures the prescribed quantity & batch is issued.

Manufacturing Process

Manages Potency / Assay-based recipe and calculates material requirement accordingly.


Addresses Formulations, Bulk Drugs and API (Active Product Ingredient) Manufacturing

Controlled Dispensing

Ensures correct lot and quantity is dispensed to the manufacturing batch.

Batch Costing

Cost of the batch available at your fingertips based on material cost and overheads defined.

Loan Licensing / Sub-contracting

Effective management of raw materials and finished goods stock available with loan licensees.

Pharmaceutical Compliance

Audit Trails

FDA compliant Audit trails

Deviations Management

All deviations are recorded as per FDA requirements

Shelf-life tracking

Blocks sales / issue of expired materials

Retest Tracking

If the material is due for retest, the system blocks usage.

Batch Traceability

Every batch can be traced back to the raw materials and packaging materials used and the conditions under which it was manufactured.

Print Control

Has in-built control to ensure the same documents are not reprinted.

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