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Automate Sales Process

Manage your quotations, track your orders and automate the entire sales process in Vision. Run promotional schemes for your customers and define criteria and eligibility for promotional benefits

Sales - Manage your quotations
Sales - Whatever you sell

Configure As Per Requirements

Whatever you sell to direct consumers or dealers , wholesale distributors, modern trade or your consignee agents or e-commerce, Vision can be configured to meet your channels requirement. Vision addresses complex Bill-to, Ship-to, Sold-to requirements faced by the consumer goods industry.

Manage Credit Rules & Receivables

Use Vision to set your credit rules and effectively manage your receivables .

Sales - Use Vision to set
Sales - Manage and control your sales

Anywhere & Anytime

Manage and control your sales across various locations independently and at the same time have a single view of your inventory and sales figures.

GST Compliant

Vision is GST compliant and it ensures that all your transactions are accounted for GST. Vision users can directly file their GST return from Vision GST portal.

Sales - Vision is GST compliant

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