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Regulatory Compliance

Predefined GST


Built in GST portal

for filing your returns directly to GST server

Dashboard to monitor the compliance

Pre-configured TDS

for various business senecio

Pre-configured all employee statutory deductions

such as PF, PT, Incomes Tax etc.

Quality Compliance

Transactions is locked from editing

once it is confirmed

Confirmed transactions are posted to books

There are amendment and reversal transactions for all use cases.

Refer to business process documents

for more on Product Quality Compliance by Design

Business process compliance

Delegation of Authority

to ensure that users are not given any rights which can adversely impact the compliance

Industry standard compliance

of each the business process employs . Refer to business process documents for more details.

Data Protection Compliance

Fine grained audit trail

to ensure that all the actions performed on the data recorded with timestamp and audit records.

User activity monitor available

to perform analysis on how users have spend their interaction time with the system.

We made countless such possibility to enhance your productivity and save time

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