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Big Data

A semi structured

document storage to keep all the important semistructured and unstructured information of the organisation in a common repository.

Define process specific Documents

For example in a sales order various types of document that can be linked is Customer PO, Specification of items, Agreement of Sales. Where as against a QC order documents that can be attached is Certificate of Analysis, Test Results, Supplier Specification of items.

Drag from file system

and attach documents to a transaction

Quick document view

inside system records

Take a picture

from the mobile camera and associate it to a system process or transaction

Image cropping and editing

in place before bringing it in the system.

Associate document

to multiple process and transactions

Create icons

in the system entities from the attachments

User specific Content Library

to store draft content and link it later to transactions

Mark important pages

inside the document while associating to a transaction

Define mandatory content

requirement for various document types to enforce user to must provide the documents

Rights to access

the documents are derived from the same user access rights assigned to the users. However system enables to define additional custom access control for the documents.


and keyword support

Batch load

of large number of contents and deferred association with transactions

Content search

We made countless such possibility to enhance your productivity and save time

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